Jenn E. Norton: Dredging a Wake‘, 2014, Video Documentation
Documentation of ‘Jenn E. Norton: Dredging a Wake’ from Jenn E Norton on Vimeo.

Single Channel Video, 2012,

Castles, 10min, Single Channel Video, 2012

I Fall to Pieces (Video For KTown, a karaoke show made by video artists)

Wee Requiem, 2010

As every fiction is a proposal of reality, video provides the viewer with the opportunity to remember an event differently than originally experienced through recontextualized imagery. ‘Wee Requiem’ explores the ability of the mediated moving image to articulate a propositional reality, or prosthetic memory, using cinematic postproduction tropes to surprisingly sincere effect. From the point of view of the consumer grade camera, ‘Wee Requiem’ offers reverence to the smallest and seemingly most insignificant through digital gestures, which conjures a funeral attended by a woeful cast of composite mourners. For seven minutes, home video footage is seamlessly married CGI, where we observe a wee requiem for the passing of a fallen nuisance, a pest, who is now recast as a beloved protagonist.

Very Good Advice

Les Soeurs Fox du 21e ciècle/21st Century Fox Sisters
Video documentation 2010



Les Poupées Russes
Video Documentation 2007

Driving In
Video Documentation 2007