Les Poupées Russes, 2007

Les Poupées Russes is a two-channel video installation that utilises a mise en abyme structure. On opposing sides of the gallery space are video projections of a film set. One side is the image of the subject from the point of view of the camera; the other projection is the equipment used on film set. Save the film equipment, there is no detail of the space. All subjects and objects inhabit a white void; there is no horizon, no foreground or background. Actor and director are played by the same performer. The subject is seated in a chair, waiting for “Action” to be called. The camera person traverses from one wall to the other (from one projection to the other) to adjust equipment. The footsteps are audible move through the gallery, bridging the opposing projections, merging the physical space and the simulated environment depicted in the video. There is a continuous zoom throughout the entirety of the loop: the zoom distances itself from the subject and the mirror and into the monitor’s feed. In one continuous shot, the loop is structured in a Mobius Strip, traversing from one projection to the other, timed to reflect each other as the loop overlaps. Action is never called.