Dredging a Wake, 2014

A solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton entitled Dredging a Wake, which also drew upon invisible forces to contemplate the transmission and storage of information in both aging and burgeoning technologies. The exhibition was comprised of three large-scale installations, Doldrums, Precipice, and Doline


21st Century Fox Sisters, 2010

An interactive installation that creates a cinematic space where the Fox sisters, famous mediums of the 19th Century, are reimagined as producers and directors of a multimedia spectacle.


Thaumatrope, 2008

Created in collaboration with Christy Langer. Thaumatrope is a kinetic sculpture activated by the viewer's proximity. A two-sided embossed card of a bird spins, revealing both the innards and skeleton as well as the plumage of the bird in a single, fleeting third image.


Les Poupées Russes (The Insatiable Appetite of Russian Dolls), 2007


Single-Channel Videos, 2009-2016

Selected single-channel videos from 2009-2016.