Site Lines, 2013

“For the first phase of Jenn E Norton’s project, Site Lines, she will gather a wide range of ideas for physical changes to St. George’s Square using a traditional Suggestion Box. Rather than practical improvements, however, patrons of the Square are asked to dream big and propose their pie-in-the-sky concepts for the future use of this shared public environment. (Think the Square could use a giant 24-karat gold pyramid? Write up a description and put it in the Suggestion Box!)

For the second phase of this project, Norton will select 6 ideas and render them into 3D designs using Cinema 4D technology. These will be printed on posters and displayed in the Square so that the wildest imaginings of Guelphites can be shared with everyone who passes through. By drawing deeply upon residents’ imaginations this project expresses feedback and desires felt in our community about our built spaces. Your outlandish musings, ingenious considerations, architectural alterations and amenities are welcome! Keep an eye out for the Suggestion Box.”

– Musagetes